On the Pack of the Wolves - "A pack is an association of free individuals. A pack doesn’t leap because it’s told – a pack leaps because every individual, all at once, decides to leap."

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The Guild

The Guild Iron Wolves was formed mainly as a result of the in-game beginner quest (Haha), but as it has grown I have felt that I should probably take things a bit more seriously and act more guild-like. So I can say that to me, the purpose of a guild is to foremost encourage communication and participation within its member base. People play the game for various reasons, whether to just have fun, relax and chat, or climb to the top of the ladder. While I can't say that Iron Wolves can do this for everyone, I will say that I welcome all types of players and if you place your trust in me, I will do my best as one of the Three to ensure you have a good time within the guild. A Guild after all can only exist because of its players, so to ignore the wants and goals of its member is to ultimately ignore the very existence and reason of the guild.

Recruitment Info

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept blind requests, especially from newer players. If you would like to maximise your chances of having a successful application, you should demonstrate in your application one or more of these traits below:

1) Persistence - Able to play actively without being coddled

2) Humour - The world always needs laughter

3) Quirky Personality - Because life is more interesting that way.

4) Reliability - We got your back, have you got ours?

Please visit our Guild Forums and post your application, or if you just want to have a chat.

Good Day.

<Shameless pic Steal from another guild which I admired in another browser game>