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Einherjar LazyLoad created by Terojen Vairus for FREE to help player to play without loading much and without opening browser. Its works almost like donwnloaded client for Einherjar since Einherjar not release any client for download at all. So we just able to play in browser only. Final & stable release is Version 1.5 release for public 9 February 2012 . But BETA version started day before release for public. LazyLoad is not client and also not hacking nor botting application. So, its safe as user play Einherjar in any web browser. But this application is fan made and not official release by KBMJ.

Current Version

LazyLoad Version 1.5

System Requirement Edit

  • Windows XP,Vista or 7
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Google Chrome
  • 42MB or more Free Local Disk C:
  • 512MB or more RAM


  • Build-In Google Chrome launcher (without browser).
  • Added Manual Patch in Installer Package.
  • Added Splash Screen for LazyLoad.
  • Fix Various Bug & Error.
  • Added Desktop shortcut.
  • Installer & Uninstaller included.
  • Able to load Einherjar without waiting anymore.

Download Links & More Information

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Official LazyLoad Details Information & Download Page

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