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The Bold and Valorous who ascend to be in Valhalla, Preparing under Odin, for Ragnarok, the final battle.

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Einherjar is in essence two types of games. It has the building and village improvement part which is very similar to other browser games, and then it has the rpg/character building aspect. While the village part is fairly standard, Einherjar's character and unit system is very deep and is unlike any other browser game out there. The main reason for this is that your characters age and die. Time passes in Einherjar and your characters slowly grow old, take wounds in battle, then die forever. But all is not lost! For you see, while your favourite swordsman might have just perished, the sons and daughters he left behind will take his place and become stronger still. In Einherjar, your characters can pair up with other characters to have children. As each successive generation of characters live, fight, and die they pass on children who become stronger and stronger. Its not just about building a powerful character for the now, but building a legacy.

The combat system in Einherjar is very traditional and is like that found in Hoshigami, Fire Emblem, Final fantasy Tactics. You have to set up your battles carefully to protect your magic users and healers, while letting your melee units absorb the brunt of the damage. Its turn-based with high agility characters moving before the others. You can go out on the map to do expeditions, raid other players, capture forts, and do pvp against other players.

Einherjar is not an easy game, but it easily has some of the most complex and engaging mechanics out there.

If you have any questions just ask in world chat, and join a guild!

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Einherjar - The Viking's Blood Trailer

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